Woodfiring in "Scarlet"

Students are invited to explore a full and diverse range of techniques and processes in our state-of-the-art facilities:

  • 7,500 square feet of working, designing and firing space
  • 4 studio areas with 32 electric wheels, 2 kick wheels
  • 30″ slab roller, extruder, tile press
  • Plaster & mold-making room
  • Indoor kiln room with 1 oval and 4 large barrel electric/computerized kilns, 1 large barrel electric manual kiln, 1 test kiln, ball mills and 1 Bailey Shuttle Pro 40 car kiln
  • Outdoor kiln pad with wood-fired kiln, salt/soda kiln, 2 test kilns, downdraft kiln, raku car kiln and pit-firing area
  • Clay materials and mixing room with 2 mixers and 2 pug mills
  • Fully equipped glaze lab with large spray booth
  • In-studio ceramics library/resource lounge


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