Our students respond to the Gardiner Museum collection

Gracia Gomez -  Her 1st year Maiolica platter is currently on display in the permanent collection on the ground floor of the Gardiner Museum.

1st year student, Gracia Isabel Gomez Catoya’s platter “Augur’s Mirror” is currently on display in the Historical Maiolica collection on the main floor of the Gardiner Museum.

“For the first time, I began to draw and paint imagery from my dreams representing the traditions from where I come from and connecting them with my life here in Canada… There is more than one meaning in the same image. Personal knowledge is behind each symbol; colours and shapes once hidden are now waiting to be discovered.”

- Gracia Isabel Gomez Cantoya, b. Mexico

Yoo Sun Jung - 2nd year Sheridan student.  Two figurines currently on exhibit on the 2nd floor of the Gardiner Museum.

Two figurines by 2nd year student, Yoosun Jung, are currently on exhibit in the Figurine collection on the 2nd floor of the Gardiner Museum.

People seem to recall childhood in blurred, vivid or scattered memories. I remember big highlights and small fragments of sadness and happiness. Something tiny becomes significant… I enjoy playing with the forms of blue & white ceramics and cast my Historical Project in porcelain, cutting, altering and adding to the figures.  I hope viewers will engage their own childhood memories.

– Yoosun Jung, b. Korea


Cassara Kennedy, Class of ’15

Coffee Pot and Cups

Coffee Pot & Mugs by Jordan Scott, Class of 2015

Binoculares detalle-1

Binoculars by Karla Rivera, Class of 2015

Evelyn Kelch's Packaging Plate, 2013

Evelyn Kelch’s Packaging Plate, 2013



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